Should I get blood work and other tests completed before seeing Dr. Finker?

During the first appointment having recent blood work or other testing is not necessary.  Dr. Finker often advises patients to have specific blood work or other tests performed by their primary care doctor after she gets to know her patient’s cases better.

Do I have to stop taking my prescription medication to benefit from Naturopathic Medicine?

Prescription medication should never be abruptly discontinued and should only be stopped under your physician’s guidance. However, many people on a naturopathic regiment can rely less on prescription drugs and can adequately manage their health with more natural approaches. Also, please note that ND’s are them most highly trained doctors in drug supplement interaction.

Is Dr. Finker able to help me with my specific health problem?

Dr. Finker has successfully helped patients with various health problems.  She has helped children with ear infections, women and men with hormonal issues, and the elderly with life extension.  Please check the list of the many health problems Dr. Finker can help you with.

What are the most common ailments helped by NDs?
The most common ailments healed by NDs include: PMS, infertility, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches.  However, an ND can help heal basically anything that someone would go to their primary care doctor for.  They help patients with everything from thyroid disorders to the common cold.  Unfortunately, ND’s are often seen as a last resort so they tend to treat ailments that regular medical doctors have a hard time treating or can only offer drugs with many side effects for treatment.  These problems include interstitial cystitis, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis and many other health problems.

What are the most common misconceptions about Naturopathic Medicine?

That ND’s aren’t trained in regular medicine or pharmaceutical use and that they don’t believe in regular medicine and are anti-pharmaceuticals.  All ND’s training includes a foundation in regular or allopathic medicine and they are trained how to utilize pharmaceuticals.  However, they usually believe that medications could be used last resort rather than the first line of defense.  Please note in New York naturopathic doctors do not prescribe pharmaceutical medications.

What are some differences patients find when they work with an ND?

Most ND’s spend a lot of time with their patients.  This allows them to have a complete understanding of their patient’s health holistically.  They are very thorough in their approach to treating the human body.

When will I feel better?

Some patients can feel better in as little as a few days after the initial appointment; sometimes it can take up to a few weeks.  The body usually takes a long time to get sick so sometimes it can take up to three to six months before feeling drastically better.

What are some of the success stories of Naturopathic Medicine?

Under the care of naturopathic medicine patients lives can be transformed when given the right healing tools.  Sometimes cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, triple negative breast cancer, and so on can be helped as adjunctive care or when allopathic medicine had no options available.  People suffering from severe pain sometimes are able to become pain free without any medication.  Infertile patients can support their bodies and then have healthy babies.  It can be very rewarding as a Naturopathic Doctor to see how well this system of medicine works; helping to heal and transform patient’s lives.

Will insurance cover these services?

Although Dr. Finker is not currently a network provider with any insurance plans, you might be able to receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company for your visit. Payment is required at the time of service; however, Dr. Finker provides you with a statement after your visit to submit to your insurance company, yet there is no guarantee of reimbursement.  We do accept payment via cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.