I just want to take the time to write a short message to thank Dr Jillian Finker for all she has done for me….

I had stomach problems and pains in my body for years and no one seemed to be able to help me.
Within a couple of visits with Dr Finker….she not only helped calm me down and didn’t make me feel like I was crazy; but she put me on certain vitamin’s and supplements and within weeks I was feeling better !!!

The kindness and professionals that she shows towards me, I cannot thank her enough.

Looking forward to many healthy years working with Dr Finker

Jo Ann, NY

Dr. Finker has the unique ability, unlike many traditional doctors these days, to take the time to get to know her patients’ lifestyles, habits, likes and dislikes. This interest translates into a genuine concern for their well being, and the ability to recommend changes, prescribe vitamins and supplements, advise on healthy eating habits and inspire them to make positive “whole life” adjustments.
I sought Dr. Finker’s advice after numerous doctors and traditional medical tests could not locate the reason behind the abdominal pain which I was experiencing for months, in addition to feeling run-down and lethargic. After following her advice for one week, I discovered that I had an intolerance for certain foods (soy) that was literally making me sick and bloated. Now after almost one year of following the guidelines that she suggested, I am pain-free, have tripled my energy level, have lost weight and feel terrific….and unlike many women my age (56), I am not on any type of medication for any physical issues!! I will continue to consult with Dr. Finker in the future because she is a wealth of information and I personally feel I can ask her advice on any topic.

-Jan Y., Florida

I have been treated by Dr Finker for about a year. Dr Finker was able to diagnose and treat my body using changes in my lifestyle along with natural minerals, glandulars, and vitamins. It has worked out wonderfully and those changes have balanced me out which no else was able to do.
Dr Finker is a non-judgemental, caring individual and anyone can work with her and get good results. She has treated a lot of different issues and will do her research to find out what will help you.
Yes ..I would recommend everyone to work with Dr Finker..she is the best.

-Sharon W., NY

I first went to see Dr. Finker two years ago when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism; a condition stemming from Hashimoto’s disease. I made a decision that I did not want to be on Synthroid the rest of my life so I went to Dr. Finker. She corrected my thyroid in 8 weeks! Granted, I was and still am on a strict diet and supplements, but my thyroid is now functioning as it should and I feel fantastic.
Since then, I have seen Dr. Finker for ongoing health wellness and most recently brought my daughter in due to fluid in her ears. She had fluid in her ears for two months and the ENT wanted to put tubes in, of course. I took her to Dr. Finker and in three weeks her ears are now clear of fluid. No surgery needed. I am a happy mom with an even happier daughter!
But my praises are not only because she helped both my daughter and I. Most of my praises are for Dr. Finker’s uniqueness. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes a holistic approach to healing. She wants to make sure your whole body is in balance, not just quickly fix the one thing of concern at that moment. She is also patient and really takes the time to listen to all your concerns and questions and will never make you feel like you are wasting her time. I also love that she always takes the most conservative approach to healing first. She makes every effort to get your body back on track through diet changes or homeopathic remedies. She does not push supplements on you, unless really necessary. Above all, she is the most compassionate doctor I have met. Her desire to heal her patients is her passion and it is obvious by her demeanor, concern and empathy.
I am eternally grateful for all she has done for our family thus far and she will always be the first one I call with any major health issues.

With great appreciation,
Francine S., NY

Dr. Finker was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. My first consultation with her happened to be on my 50th birthday. From our first meeting I remember sharing a perceptive chuckle! She is understanding and intuitive. I know the “stars” brought us together. I’m a native New Yorker living in Bermuda for almost 15 years. I was researching for a Naturopathic doctor on Long Island. I felt a tug toward Dr. Finker but I must confess she was not the first ND I pursued online. Gratefully, I was quickly deterred from my initial choice and went with my gut feeling (as we should always do) and contacted Dr. Finker. My concern at the time was menopause and the unwelcoming symptoms, besides wanting to live naturally and make alternative medical choices. At the initial consultation, Dr. Finker recommended supplements and needless to say she was right on target. The results of my blood work and hormone panel, once received, proved Dr. Finker’s recommendations true to the tee!

That was over five years ago and all I can say is that every consultation is a testimonial. For each ailment or complaint, Dr. Finker’s expert health care provided improvement and healing. Dr. Finker provides so much support in so many ways. Not just physical, but emotional and spiritual. She always seems to know just what to say and in the fewest words you know she read your email, understood it, and encouraged you. Dr. Finker is caring, inspiring and generous. She always makes me feel better. So much so that I have booked consultations at times because I was feeling down, lethargic, emotionally drained and facing personal problems at their climax. The minute we consulted, her energy just seemed to melt away my issues that I had to stop and think ‘what is bothering me’!!!

Over the years, my experience is that Dr. Finker’s health care is very personalized and she has helped me, through supplements, therapy and kindness, overcome menopausal symptoms, abnormal tiredness, weight gain and emotional traumas, to achieve my personal best. The précis of my testimony is that Dr. Finker makes me believe I can achieve my youthful physique, stamina and physical, emotional and spiritual best. ‘I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Finker’! She is a true BLESSING.

-Adrienne G., Bermuda

Dr. Finker is the consummate professional…a compassionate, knowledgeable practitioner who provides her wise guidance and uncommonly good sense to support my intuitive approach to self care. When I first sought Dr. Finker’s expertise, I needed relief from overwhelming adrenal and thyroid symptoms which depleted my energy, focus and ability to function. The personalized, comprehensive plan of care she recommended incorporated diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications and natural therapies to restore my health and wellbeing.
As a nurse educator for nearly 30 years, I truly value Dr. Finker’s balanced approach and keen insight as she combines art and science to empower and partner with her patients, gently guiding them toward overall wellness.

-Mona G., RN,FNP